You can prevent soil erosion by installing retaining wall systems in your sloped landscape

These are systems that retain dirt, water and other materials on the sides. They are used to protect against erosion, and also the collapse of higher ground into a structure or an area. The retaining walls can transform your sloped land into terraced yards. In place of a natural slope, retaining wall systems can create an effect of stairs in the landscaping of your house. You can get the best guide on retaining walls san diego.

Different building materials and techniques are used in the construction of retaining walls. Certain factors, however, will ultimately determine your wall’s construction. Included are cost, the height of your wall, as well as soil and water characteristics. In most municipalities, if the height of a building is over 4 feet you will need to get an approval from a licensed engineer. The clearance should be given for even those less than 4 feet.

You must ensure that the retaining wall system you choose can withstand backfill pressure. It is also called lateral Earth Pressure. This pressure will be determined by factors such as the weight, type and slope of the earth, along with the level of ground water. Before deciding on a design, the engineer that you choose will make many calculations.

You may have thought about cutting back on costs at times. If you use inferior materials, hire an unqualified contractor or purchase inadequate supplies, your wall system will require constant replacement or repairs. Bowing, cracking and slanting are all problems that can be caused by this. Often, retaining walls fail to do their job because the dirt is not held in place.

The drainage is also a factor that often goes unnoticed or is underestimated. This can cause retaining walls to fail. A lack of drainage in retaining wall systems can cause water to be trapped, increasing the weight it has to support. Usually, drainage pipes or weepholes are used for flushing rain water out of behind the wall. Whatever drainage system is chosen, it must have a filter to prevent debris from getting into the drain.

Concrete retaining walls are a great option when deciding what kind of system you want to construct. It is one the strongest man-made materials and many of the construction site concrete products are built to last more than 50 years. The concrete retaining wall offers a wide range of decorative possibilities. The concrete wall can be colored, stained, or decorated with a design. Sealing a concrete wall helps to keep its surface clean and free of dirt.

A block retaining wall is another choice. You should build this with a footer that is large enough to hold the weight both of the wall and the dirt. This will give your home a distinct look. But, it’s important to place a concrete wall in front of these blocks in case there is a lot of earth pressure. Concrete would be the main structural component and blocks will remain the decorative feature.

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