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Asian Blepharoplasty: The Most Common Surgery Among Asians

This term is used in the west. The more accurate terms would be Oriental blepharoplasty and Oriental eyelids surgery. It is a scientific term that means “eyelid reshaping” or “eyelid refashioning”. The double-eyelid procedure is also called Oriental blepharoplasty.

The presence of a crease on the eyelids of people with Oriental, or mix Oriental ancestry is a desirable appearance. In modern times models and Chinese pop icons have used glue and tape as temporary solutions to achieve this crease.

One half of those of Oriental descent have no eyelid creases, and the other may possess a small crease on the eyelid. Eyelid refashioning is a popular choice for many Asian or Oriental individuals who want wider and more round eyes. Other people seek surgery to convert a monolid, which lacks a fold into a dual eyelid. Contrary to Caucasians that seek eyelid procedures to improve signs of aging and lift droopy lids, Asians opt to have double-eyelids created to eliminate eye bags.

Two surgical approaches are available to preserve and enhance an Oriental patient’s ethnic features. They include the closed-thread/suture method, as well as the open-incision technique.

This technique involves using simple sutures, which are passed through the upper structures of the eyelids and positioned to hide deep inside the upper skin structure. It is easy to use this technique as it does not require an incision. It is also very popular with patients because it has a quick recovery. It is not possible to address other issues such as excess skin, fat and muscle tissue with the suture method. The loss of the crease is possible over time, along with an increased risk of asymmetry.

Second, the surgeon can use the “open incision” technique. An incision will be made on the upper lid and placed at the exact location where the desired crease is to appear. It allows for the best visibility of upper eyelid structures, and surgeons can see what changes they are going to be making. The open incision technique can vary. Partial incision double eyelid surgeries use a smaller incision, which is then closed with stitches or sutures.