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What Type of Litigation Attorney is Right for You?

A trip to the courthouse is never a simple task. If you’re the defendant, or are someone who is suing another person, there’s much to think about. When you are in the initial stages of the litigation process, it is important to consult a litigation attorney. A litigation lawyer will help determine if there is a problem and how to proceed. How do you determine the type of law case that you are dealing with? Let’s take a look at some different kinds of law. You can get the best guide on https://southdakotatrustestatelitigationlaw.com/.

Probate Law, Trust and Guardianship Law

A will, trust or guardianship can be contested. When family members do not agree with a document or feel that it has been drafted by coercion, they can contest a will. In most cases, these are cases involving family members. Emotions can run high whether the case goes to court or is settled before.

Lawyers with a focus on probate, guardianship, and trust cases are well-equipped to challenge and defend guardianships, powers of attorneys, wills and other estate planning documents. The firms that specialize in these cases are also able to assist with the drafting of a will and other estate-planning services.

Employment Law

Employment law firms are able to assist in cases involving wrongful termination, workplace harassment, and whistleblower reprisal. These firms can assist an employer or employee with confidentiality, noncompetition, and nonsolicitation contracts. Employment law attorneys have extensive knowledge of employment laws. They can assist you in determining if there is a legal case that exists against an employer, whether it be a former or current one. In-house counsel may be available to employers who have been sued. You should seek out outside counsel if you’re not confident that your in house lawyer has the expertise to handle employment cases.

Personal Injury Law

Accidents of all kinds are the basis for personal injury lawsuits. The person involved can have been in a motor vehicle accident, or they could be a slip-and-fall victim at work or home. They may be known as ambulance chasers by those that take these cases, but for the injured victim they can save their lives. You can settle these cases out of Court, but you still need an Attorney. An attorney will work to resolve the case without going to court and still ensure you get the highest settlement.

Criminal Law

Criminal cases are filed when a person breaks the law. A district or U.S. lawyer takes sides in criminal cases. As these cases are not civil suits, the defendants could face jail time or a heavy fine in case they are found guilty.

Choose A Litigation attorney

There are other types of litigation that attorneys can take on. Do not pick a litigation attorney based only on the cost. Instead, interview several. Hire a lawyer that will fight actively for you and not someone who just sits back while the opponent takes over.