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Portrait Photography: Capturing Human Spirit

The art of portraiture has existed for hundreds of years. It allows us to immortalize a person’s face, and save memories for the future. The genre of portrait photography offers endless possibilities to both amateur and professional photographers. Read more now on Hire a wedding photographer.

Portrait photography’s goal is not to just capture a physical likeness but also the person behind it, their emotions and their stories. Portrait photography goes beyond documentation and into the world of art. The photographer strives to capture images that are compelling, evoking a variety of emotions from the viewer.

In order to create a great portrait, a photographer has to build a rapport with his subject. He must make them comfortable, and they should feel at ease, in front the camera. A rapport between the photographer and the subject is necessary to reveal their true personality, capture authentic expressions, and get a feel for the person. Uncovering layers of character, including vulnerability, joy or sadness, can be done by a skilled photographer.

In portraiture, lighting plays an important role as it creates mood and atmosphere. Photographers must manipulate light carefully to bring out the best in the subject and create interesting shadows. Interplaying light with shadows can give a portrait depth and dimension, increasing its visual impact.

Another important aspect of portraiture is composition. A visually pleasing way to frame the subject can enhance the image. Portraits can be made or broken by paying attention to the details, including the background, foreground, balance, and overall composition. To create pleasing compositions which draw viewers attention to their subject, skilled photographers use various techniques, such as leading lines and the rule or thirds.

Today, in the digital age of today, portrait photography is heavily reliant on post-processing. With photo-editing programs, photographers are able to fine tune their portraits, by adjusting the exposure, color, or removing imperfections. To maintain authenticity and naturalness, you should not go overboard with the editing.