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The Interior and Exterior House Painting Processes

Interior painting does not require you to be a painter. Some ambitious individuals will do the exterior painting themselves.

However, for most home owners, hiring professional painters is their best option. What ever the situation, these tips will help to ensure that residential painting is done successfully, more info?

To prepare a room to be painted, remove all the furniture. Cover the floor in tarps and tape them to the boards. Take off outlet plates. And tap anywhere paint cannot get. Paint can become messy, so it’s best to wear painter clothes. Make sure that there is adequate ventilation. Apply three layers of paint, including primer and two finishes. The corners of the room, along the walls and ceilings as well as any other areas where a roller cannot be used should all be painted. Now, take out your roller and pan. Only fill the pan with a little paint so that it doesn’t dry out. Be sure to get started fast so the painted surface does not have a chance to dry. The paint will mix well. To deal with any drips that may occur during residential painting, always keep some rags and brushes nearby.

If you don’t have any experience, leave the job to professionals. Prior to painting, all surfaces must be cleaned. Water sprayers with high pressure are efficient. Paint chipping and cracked paint can be removed with paint scrapers or sandpaper. Patch any nail holes in siding or repair cracks. Caulk edges and corners. Use epoxy for serious issues. Sand rough surfaces or those with a glossy finish. Place drop cloths over anything that is hard to paint. After that, the exterior is painted in a similar way to interior, using one coat of primer, and then two exterior coats. Paint all surfaces made of wood with a brush and use a rolling pin for everything else.

It may seem easy to paint your house, but due to its height, and the requirement for ladders, platforms, and other equipment, it is better left up professionals. It isn’t the easiest thing to do, and it can get boring. But if you enjoy it, it will be more fun. When done correctly, the result is worth all the effort.